How to dress UUS$$ bride

UUS$$ (the bride) is a digital object designed to become the US digital dollar if adopted by Fed's public agreement for shift asset reversibility with US$ of United States of America.

Such public agreement drift from US Congress law and regulations framework giving people the opportunity to shift with reversibility Fed's guaranty US$ asset to the digital property asset of UUS$$ each time any individual prefer to use one fiat asset or the digital other one.

The data-valuation activity over the Fed's US dollar (US$) as raw material for popular creation of UUS$$ (universocial US digital dollar) is possible by blending the time input as a good (commodity) of the economic action and it ownership of origin, shifting the US dollar that's becomes UUS$$ digital dollar by data incorporation. Reversing the action delete time data and ownership data, giving back the raw original material, the Fed's dollar of USA.

The launch of data-valuation practice is supposed on basis in :

- The WUW's algorithm on PSH-Personal Savings Helper app ;

- The creation of the Universocial Sovereign Anchor at US Fed ;

- The creation of T.O.M. The Time Owned Market ;

- The technical support of #googledepending infrastructure service.

The peoples adoption should create the Economy 4G3W that enlarge at 4 gestures integrating Internet's space for people's creation of self marked singular spaces to cultivate infinite wealth.