From US dollar to Universocial digital US dollar


Requesting the US Administration and in particular, The US Fed, the individual legitimity reconnaissance to praticate of the money data-valuation.

Because US dollar data-valuation gives folks liberty to operate it as digital objects to process all four parts of money body, upgrading personal economic performances, resolving the economic limitation expressed on Penrose triangle :

Money you spend for live, money that you can't save and money you neither  can invest ;

Money you save for safety, money that you can't invest and money you neither can spend ;

Money you invest for reproduction, money that you can't spend and money you neither can save.

This limitation has not only a bad consequence economic performances, the worst is the regret for a bad choice and the development of feelings of guilt, often leading to introspective shyness and even chronic psychological illness.

Now on Internet Era evolution, the US Legislators should frame the personal right to shift the US dollar asset into personalized digital savings activated with internet dynamics. Hugging the design of Fed's US CBDC or US digital dollar, even one UUS$$ prepared for universocial digital dollar on world markets. Money on folks hands with four processables parts working in Internet for people wellbeing now empowered able to upgrade the Classic Economy adding a fourth gesture making the data-valuation of the US$ and creating the UUS$$ universocial digital dollar as solution root for the recherched CBDC.

That because the CBDC' philosophy includes the continuity of Fed's outstanding liability and couln't be a strong solution for USA neitheir for the Economy.

Design principles for issuance of US digital dollar 120622 pub